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Location – Sylvania TamO’shanter Rink 2

February, 25th
HPD Powerskating Clinic (Beginner)
2:00pm – 2:50pm
This clinic is ideal for the offseason. Being able to cut the ice properly and effectively on your outside and inside edges takes lots of practice. Players will be required to learn a series of powerskating drills that specifically emphasize a certain part of their blade. After each drill is completed, the players will learn the significance of the portion of the blade they previously worked on. For instance the back inside edge-(inside heel) is used to perform a forward c-cut which is a basic powerskating drill. That portion of the blade helps us with our turns, our outside skate uses the c-cut to cut the ice hard and give us the separation we need against a defender. This clinic will also emphasize stride and the importance of deep knee bend, not only for stride power but to effectively push out of turns as well.
This clinic is designed to teach the player how to properly shoot a puck in multiple situations. For instance, being deceptive is important, learning how to hide the puck before releasing it, can successfully confuse the goalie for the split second that you need. Shooting while your feet are moving, shooting across your body and stationary shooting are some of the shooting concepts we will cover during this clinic. It is most important that the player takes these techniques from this clinic and practices them on their own. Whether they have access to pucks and a net at home or they use their team practice time, proper repetition is a must to become proficient at any one shot.
Skating is undoubtedly the number #1 skill in hockey. Not only must you be adequate on your edges, but you must be able to navigate around the ice quickly and efficiently. This clinic will help both your edges and your ability to not only sustain explosive efforts through out a shift, but also the ability to push harder against the surface of the ice. In effect, creating a more efficient and dynamic skater. The resistance training techniques used in this clinic create strength in the exact areas that you need to become faster. The players skating muscles will be constantly fighting against the resisted force, thus creating a direct strengthening exercise that zones in on the exact muscles needed for explosiveness in this game. There is NO other training that can equate to this… it is for this reason that I highly recommend this style clinic to any players serious about their improvement.
Players will learn the proper way to hold their stick while executing a series of different maneuvers with the puck. They will also learn how to use both their control hand (top) and guide hand (bottom) properly. Many players in and around the area, even older players…STILL do not properly understand how to effectively use both hands. This limits players with reach, deceptiveness and quickness. It also can have a huge effect on even skating form and puck protection. These concepts MUST be learned earlier on. It will have a larger than expected impact on their games right away and especially later on.

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