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8 Week VS 1 Week

Why HPD eight week Clinics  vs. one week hockey clinics?

It has been documented by various scholars in the academic community that a student is able to retain more information over a period of weeks instead of for lack of better terms “cramming” the day before an exam.  This information learned over a longer period of time also stays with the student after the exam.

If this is true then why are one week hockey clinics so popular?

Basically it comes down to experienced instructors “cramming” 30+ years of hockey experience into one week of hockey.  This information is not only overwhelming for most young players it can not be applied so readily either. This type of one week clinic works for the instructors not the players. This game takes months, and years to improve at.  If you participate in a one week hockey clinic over the summer and think you are all set for the season you are just fooling yourself.

Hockey is a game of repetition doing things the right way over and over again until they are done automatically in a split second game situation.  This is why we at HPD believe in the eight week hockey programs.  These clinics give players 2 months of hockey specific training with off-ice training as well for a price less than most one week hockey clinics.

So parents choose your clinics this year wisely and let us help in the true development of your player.

Thank you,

Nick Parillo

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